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Our website has been accepted by Google as a news source. If you get your news from Google News, you can choose as one of your news sources to follow and see our most current Indigenous community events, artists, people, professionals, storytellers, beaders, weavers, singers, drummers, dancers, Indigenous festivals, symposiums, Indigenous stories and all that is happening in the community from the Google News App.

This video shows Google News Readers how to find & follow

The direct follow link for Google News Readers is:

Indigenous individuals and organizations are welcome to join our community to socialize, network and support each other while always maintaining ownership & control of your own profile, content, connections and communications. does not promote known addictive social media features nor dominant society’s social media business tactics.

Indigenous individuals and organizations can register themselves (no fees), manage their own profile (contact info, avatar, art, video, websites) to be public, private or shared with specific friends in the community.

For Indigenous Artists runs Indigenous gatherings to provide experience for artists to benefit from internet technologies and social media. We hope provides useful resources and helps Indigenous to promote their work, art, events, stories, films and more.

For Indigenous Communities provides resources from Indigenous communities to either show or sell publicly or privately within Indigenous communities only.

For the Public provides features for Indigenous individuals & communities to sell or share their products & services with the general public.